VMware Opens APM Beta Program to Hyperic Customers

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June 13th, 2012 | 3 Comments | Posted in Hyperic HQ

VMware is looking for customers interested in participating in the beta program for the next release of VMware vFabric Application Performance Management (APM). Interested customers will be able to participate in an early preview of the product, and experience first hand features under development that are not yet discussed to the public. They will also benefit from direct technical support throughout the duration of the beta program.

About APM

For those not familiar with this product, APM is the next generation management tool designed specifically for applications running on cloud infrastructure. For apps running in the cloud and at scale, it is not enough (and sometimes not feasible) to count on monitoring the web infrastructure alone. Application owners need deeper visibility into how transactions are running, how code is performing and need to constantly update the managed inventory to keep up with dynamically scaling applications. Built by VMware, APM is this tool that provides application owners with the ease-of-use and deep visibility they need to manage applications at cloud-scale.

Delivered as a suite, APM consists of AppInsight, the main application that shares powerful visualizations of application health by sampling real transactions to provide a perspective of how users are experiencing the application. Combined in the suite with Hyperic for web infrastructure monitoring, and Spring Insight for code level monitoring of Java applications, this new suite gives application administrators an advantage over traditional monitoring while operating in the cloud. For more on APM, see the product pages or download the datasheet.

Beta Program Requirements

  • Existing VMware customer, not yet using APM
  • Active involvement to deploy, test and provide feedback on APM usage, performance and reliability during July-October 2012.
  • Must be willing to¬†publicly¬†discuss experiences as applicable, including supporting media quotes and customer references.

VMware is accepting beta program candidates that meet the above profile, however in addition, we are interested in customers to specifically test the following features under development:

  • A Hyperic install and deployment through a Virtual Appliance
  • New support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 in the updated Microsoft SQL Server plugin
  • New support for PostgreSQL Server 9.x in the updated PostgreSQL Server plugin

To Apply

To apply, please contact your VMware representative, (and if applicable let your representative know you are interested in testing the features identified above) and they will submit your account for consideration in the beta program.

Editors note: This program will be running through October 2012. Please ask your sales representative if there is still space for you to join!

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