Two Strategic Milestones for Hyperic Customers

Written by Stacey Schneider
November 11th, 2011 | 1 Comment | Posted in Community, Hyperic HQ, VMware

November is a big month for Hyperic customers! Earlier this month, we announced the general availability of Hyperic as part of the new VMware vFabric Application Performance Management solution that is leading VMware’s application management vision. We are also excited to announce that in early 2012, the Hyperic Forums will be migrating to incorporate them into the VMware Communities.

These are two important milestones that completes the transition from our roots as an independent open source company and product into the dynamic and diverse world of true enterprise software lead by VMware. As former Hyperic CEO Javier Soltero pointed out in his original blog post on the acquisition:

“I’ve long argued that Hyperic’s vision of management software is aimed at helping people manage a newer, more complex, and more dynamic data center environment. For the last five years we have delivered that vision, including being one of the few management software products providing end‑to‑end support for virtualized application environments from the hardware to the virtualized service component. By joining forces with VMware, Hyperic will continue to fulfill this vision in lockstep with VMware’s ambitions to simplify IT and reduce operational expenses.”

It has been a busy two years, with tremendous results. With the announcement of VMware vFabric Application Performance Manager, Hyperic has been integrated as a cornerstone into VMware’s new cloud management strategy to help application owners living in the world of Infrastructure-as-a-Service to effectively manage their own SLAs. Easy-to-use and cloud-savvy, this new application performance management solution wraps in Hyperic to help accelerate and automate how application architects, developers and administrators manage applications across all layers of software and infrastructure.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that our customers experience will make the final transition to be part of the overall VMware Community. By early 2012, we will migrate the independent Hyperic Forums over to the overall VMware Communities.  Once complete, this will offer Hyperic users a single place to get all your questions answered about application management, software development and virtualization. With over 1.2 million community members, Hyperic users will have better access to meet online with peers to collaborate and solve problems, find sample code, SDKs, and APIs to help with all their development needs.

Special note for existing Hyperic Forums users:

While the migration is taking place, the Hyperic Forums will be in read-only mode for a few days, after which all content and discussions will be available on the VMware Communities. All existing Hyperic Forums users are encouraged to login and ensure that their email addresses are correct for this migration to take place. After the migration, your registered email will be notified of how to login to your new account. For more information on this migration, please see the Hyperic VMware Communities Migration FAQ .

Updated: Our IT maintenance window to perform this migration has shifted from early December 2011 to early 2012.

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One Response to “Two Strategic Milestones for Hyperic Customers”

  1. Bob Bickel Says:

    Congrats to the Hyperic team. I loved working with Javier, Doug, Charles, Ryan, John, and all the folks who came on board after these 5 great founders… It is so cool seeing the technology moving forward as a key part of VMware…

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