Hyperic with Support for mod_bmx Now Available

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June 19th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Posted in Hyperic HQ, vFabric, VMware

The latest version of Hyperic is now available for immediate download. Both versions of Hyperic, including open source Hyperic HQ, as well as the commercial version of VMware vFabric Hyperic have been published.

The new version includes support for mod_bmx, a new Apache HTTPD module created by the Hyperic engineering team that provides detailed internal runtime information to monitoring applications such as Hyperic. Hyperic 4.6.6 is the first monitoring tool that is ready to monitor the health of vFabric Web Server, VMware’s commercial version of the popular Apache Web Server, by running HTTP queries to gather metrics and configuration information. Additionally, with the release of vFabric Suite 5.1, vFabric Web Server instances are automatically configured with the mod_bmx module so that monitoring applications, such as Hyperic, can gather status and metric information about the instance. For more information, see the vFabric Web Server documentation on how to Configure BMX for Monitoring vFabric Web Server Instances.

For open source users, this is an upgrade from version 4.6.0 and users should read the release notes for versions 4.6.5 as well as 4.6.6.

You can download Hyperic 4.6.6 here.

The mod_bmx module is open source and hosted on Github at https://github.com/hyperic/mod_bmx.

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