Hyperic plugin for Cloud Foundry

Written by Charles Lee
June 29th, 2011 | 5 Comments | Posted in Hyperic HQ

Hyperic + Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry is the revolutionary open platform as a service from VMware that supports multiple frameworks, application services, and clouds. The vFabric Hyperic team is pleased to announce the availability of the free Cloud Foundry plugin for Hyperic that brings Hyperic’s proven ability to monitor, alert, and control application infrastructure resources to Cloud Foundry’s applications and services.

Overview and Features

Cloud Foundry’s VMC command line interface allows you to deploy and manage your applications running on CloudFoundry.com, but serious users require the automation and continuous monitoring capabilities from full-fledged management tools. Therefore, we have developed the Cloud Foundry plugin for Hyperic that utilizes the same APIs that VMC uses to talk to the Cloud Controller, and brings all of the information and capabilities into a dashboard GUI view while tracking metric data and events for historical purposes. The Hyperic plugin communicates with CloudFoundry.com remotely, so it’s easy to deploy into any existing Hyperic instances running in your data center. Some of the features include:

  • Auto-discovers and collects metrics about Cloud Foundry system and account usage
  • Auto-discovers and collects metrics for Cloud Foundry provisioned services, including MongoDBMySQLRedis, and RabbitMQ (once available).
  • Auto-discovers and collects metrics for Cloud Foundry applications
  • Enables control actions to manage Cloud Foundry applications
    • Start an application
    • Stop an application
    • Restart an application
    • Update reserved memory for an application
    • Update the number of instances for an application
    • Scale up an application by 1 instance
    • Scale down an application by 1 instance
  • Performs event tracking of Cloud Foundry application crashes
  • Auto-syncs the Hyperic inventory when applications and services are created or deleted from Cloud Foundry
  • Benefits

    Using Hyperic in conjunction with Cloud Foundry account gives you a lot of benefits and control. Here are just some of the benefits that you’ll get when using them together.

    • Create alerts to notify or fix application runtime issues
    • Visual dashboard view of health and configuration of all applications in Cloud Foundry whether or not they are running
    • Review application deployment, availability, and resource consumption history
    • On-demand, scheduled, or automated control actions to start, stop, restart, re-configure, or scale Cloud Foundry applications
    • Track events when applications crash or change state
    • Compare resource utilization against user quota
    • …and many more

    In addition, you can combine these metrics with other existing Hyperic services, such as HTTP or ping checks, to get an even more comprehensive view of what is happening with your running applications, including response time and availability (from the client perspective).

    Installation and Configuration

    The Cloud Foundry plugin for Hyperic is now available on HyperForge. Follow the Configuration Instructions section to download and install and configure the plugin on both Hyperic server and agent, and you’ll be monitoring your Cloud Foundry account in minutes.

    Note that because the Cloud Foundry server is created manually, the Hyperic agent will not gather the user account properties very quickly after provisioning since it wasn’t auto-discovered. To expedite the properties discovery process, you may choose to restart the agent to kickstart the data gathering. You can start the agent remotely by navigating to the agent resource in the Hyperic UI, click on Views tab and then Agent Commands. Here you can select ‘restart’ to restart the Hyperic agent and have it report your Cloud Foundry user account info immediately.

    Cloud Foundry server view

    Additional Information

    Here are some additional source of information regarding this plugin:

    • A screencast demonstrating how to create the Cloud Foundry resource, create alerts, and perform control actions
    • If you are not yet a Cloud Foundry user, go sign up for an account on the current beta service at CloudFoundry.com
    • If you are not familiar with Hyperic and would like to find out more, please go to vFabric Hyperic
    • Hyperic HQ is the open source Hyperic and is fully compatible with the Cloud Foundry plugin, find out more about it at the Hyperic Community

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