Hyperic & OpenNMS HyperCAST Now Available

Written by Stacey Schneider
March 11th, 2008 | 4 Comments | Posted in Webcasts

Let the good times begin! The official HyperCAST on HOWTO integrate Hyperic and OpenNMS is now ready for your viewing pleasure!

David Hustace, OpenNMS President and Charles Lee, co-founder and VP of Engineering at Hyperic, teamed up together to discuss and show how Hyperic & OpenNMS work together. The HyperCAST was popular indeed, with for the first time ever in the history of HyperCASTs (ok, this is only #10) we had 2 analysts attend and several customers call in before the session to secure their place in line for implementing the anticipated integration. All the attention definitely got us excited, and I think it shows through in the session itself.

To sum it up for you non-viewers out there, or to whet your whistle – the integration shows how complimentary both solutions are. OpenNMS does a fabulous job doing agent-less monitoring and management automation that is well suited for your hardware needs, Hyperic does agent-based deep metric collection on all your software and services. Put them together and you get an end-to-end, scalable, java-based application, system and network monitoring and management solution. Together the two products can:

  • Share inventory
  • Share alerts
    • Includes alert reduction system to consolidate repeated alerts
    • Alerts that are generated in Hyperic feature a detailed drill-down into HQ from OpenNMS
  • Benefit from OpenNMS workflows including integration into Trouble Ticket systems
  • Monitor Hyperic Server & Agent from OpenNMS to ensure HQ is available, and plot response times

Finally, we shared a roadmap to include:

  • Alarm action synchronization (ack, escalation, etc) to allow you to react to an alarm from either system
  • Executive Reporting to roll up Performance and Availability Reporting from both systems using JasperReports
  • Creating an Agent Map icon in OpenNMS that will allow you to activate Hyperic Controls directly from OpenNMS

I hope you enjoy the webinar, and feel free to discuss these out on the Hyperic Forums or the OpenNMS mailing lists. And if you are interested in more details on services or support for this integration, since Hyperic and OpenNMS are now partners, you can contact either Hyperic or OpenNMS for more information and we’ll work together to set you up with the support and services you need.

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4 Responses to “Hyperic & OpenNMS HyperCAST Now Available”

  1. tim Says:

    Great, but where can i find version 3.2.2 (see HyperCAST) of Hyperic software?

  2. Stacey Schneider Says:

    As mentioned by Charles at the end of the HyperCAST, 3.2.2 is due out later this month (March). At that time we’ll be releasing the entire, and much anticipated, HQU framework.

  3. John Mark Says:

    It’s coming very soon :)

    But you can get a preview by grabbing the “HQ_3_2″ branch from our subversion repository:

    svn co http://svn.hyperic.org/projects/hq/branches/HQ_3_2 hq3.2.2


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