Experian Lists Top 7 Reasons Hyperic Should be Used for QA

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June 26th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Posted in Hyperic HQ

For years, Hyperic has always always followed the software practice of “eating your own dog food” where we used Hyperic internally to monitor our own web infrastructure. We also used it to manage our performance benchmarks for Quality Assurance (QA) tests during the release process. For those with really good memories, you may recall the press release on the MySQL Performance Study – this was done entirely by using Hyperic to monitor the load on MySQL.

While it seems like a natural thing for us to do, its not until I see posts like I did this week that I am reminded too many people think of using Hyperic for only production web infrastructure. The post I am talking about is from Dimitar Dimitrov, a QA engineer who works with Experian Decision Analytics. As one of the speakers for the Innovation in Software Test Automation conference that will occur later this year in Sofia, Bulgaria, Dimitrov  wrote a great blog post explaining how Experian uses Hyperic for Quality Assurance.  If you are unfamiliar with Experian, they are a global information services company providing solutions for credit, risk, fraud, marketing, and decision-making across 80 countries. They are probably best known at the consumer level for giving you your credit score.

In the article, Dimitrov explains how he was looking to collect information about a multi-platform system for benchmarking and how Hyperic was implemented. His post is really thorough and explains a lot about how he implemented Hyperic, but specifically I’d like to call out Dimitrov’s list of the top 7 reasons why Hyperic should be used for QA:

  1. It allows you to auto-discover and instrument your test environment in a consistent and easy to use form
  2.  It supports respectable number of operating systems and huge amount of servers, platforms, protocols, etc.
  3. It allows you to monitor run-time parameters and events
  4. It allows you to control the state and configuration test environment
  5. It collects and stores information about your test environment in a centralized repository
  6. It provides you with user-friendly interface for interactive reviewing of results and report generation
  7. It allows extension of the monitoring and management capabilities of the agents and presentation capabilities of the web portal through development of custom plug-ins

Dimitar’s entire article on his use of Hyperic for Quality Assurance is here

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